The Beach Club

Come join us at The Birdcage Beach Club every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

(hours may change according to the weather)

2600 ocean front walk, Santa Monica, Ca, 90405

The Birdcage Beach Club is the perfect hangout spot for the LGBTQ community.

There is nothing better than enjoying the beautiful sunshine on the sandy beach with all your closest friends. It is also a great spot for all you socialites to meet new people in the community.

We encourage all of The Birdcage goers to check out our beach club because we know that it will be their new favorite spot for Sunday Funday.

Lined with lounge chairs for your comfort, the beach is a great place to forget all your troubles, and have a few hours of pure bliss.

Don’t worry about bringing snacks, we got you covered with our variety of delicious foods. Put on your bathing suit, grab a towel, and head on down to the Gay Beach Club.

You won’t want to miss out on this fun!

Gay Beach Club

Gay Beach Club

Gay Beach Club

Gay Beach Club

Gay Beach Club

Gay Beach Club

For inquiries regarding The Birdcage Beach Club, or membership cards, visit The Birdcage during open hours our email us at


(310) 392-4956


Friday - Saturday

10pm - 2am