Happy Presidents day!

Here are some fun facts about our presidents.

Barack Obama

Did you know that Barack Obama was one of the most LGBT friendly presidents ever?

According to Trudy Ring’s article on advocate.com, Obama’s health reform law, the Affordable Care Act, provides important services for LGBT Americans by including nondiscrimination provisions.

Barack Obama is also known for his repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell”, which allowed LGBT to openly serve in the U.S military. In addition, Trudy further informs that Obama also signed multiple executive orders which prohibit discrimination against workers and federal government employees based off their sexual orientation or gender identity.

One last fun fact about Obama, according to Trudy’s article, is that more openly LGBT people have been appointed to office, and to the federal bench by Obama, than any other president in history.

Jimmy Carter

Did you know Jimmy Carter was the first president to make it clear that he was for gay rights?

Ms. Ring explains in her article that It was during his presidency that the first ever gay and lesbian delegation were able to visit the White House to discuss policy issues with administration officials.

Another major contribution that Carter gave to California especially, was his urge for voters to defeat prop 6 which would have prohibited gays and lesbians from teaching at public schools. Following his presidency, he remained a prominent activist for LGBT rights.

Make America Gay Again!

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